Privacy notice for 'tresr' app

1. What kind of information is tresr gathering and/or processing?

We neither access nor process any information entered into tresr. Everything that is entered into the app is only stored locally on your device. We do not send any information off from the device if your are not explicitly sharing that data (e.g. when sending a tresr to a friend). We also do not gather any data on how you use the app.

2. Do you share my information with third parties?

No, we do not share information with third parties. This implies that we do not use tracking and/or analytics, are not connected to social media sites, and do not serve ads.

3. Is my data backed up somewhere?

No. Your data is only stored on your device. We do not store any of your data on our server(s).

4. The app is asking to access my location. What are you doing with that information?

Tresr uses your location to show you where you are on the map. We neither store nor share that information.

5. The app is asking to access my camera. What are you doing with that permission?

We ask for camera access so you can add new pictures to your tresrs without you needing to leave the app. We do not store these pictures outside the app. If you are still not comfortable with giving that permission you can also take a picture with a different app and then add it to your tresr via the photo library. This does not require giving the app any permissions (because we use Apple's so called 'out-of-proccess' one-time read-only image picker, which does not give us access to your library, instead it only gives us back the image you chose.)

6. The app is asking to access my photo library. What are you doing with that permission?

When adding a picture to a tresr that you just took with your camera the app tries to save that picture to your camera roll. To be able to to that it needs your permission to add (and only add) pictures to the photo library. We do not store your pictures elsewhere outside the app.

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